How To Do Online SBI Mobile Banking Registration?

The State Bank of India is a known name in the area of banking in India. The bank has obtained the goodwill of millions of people. The bank also offers the mobile banking with the use of SBI online mobile banking.

mobile banking

When it comes to mobile banking, there are a lot of questions in the minds of the customers. There are a number of ways for registration in SBI mobile banking. The main ones are discussed below:

The mobile banking consists of two distinct processes:

  1. Over a mobile handset
  2. At the SBI ATM or the SBI Branch or by online SBI

The Procedure With A Mobile Handset:

There are basically two steps in the case of a mobile handset- getting user ID and default MPIN and changing the MPIN.

  1. Get User ID And Default MPIN: On sending an SMS <MBSREG> to the number 9223440000/567676, one can get the user ID and the default MPIN over SMS. The customer gets a link by an SMS which is used for downloading and installing the application. If there is a Java Mobile with GPRS connectivity, the procedure becomes easier.

The website can also be used to download the application if the GPRS connectivity is not available. After downloading the application, transfer it to the customer’s mobile using the data cable that was received with the phone. If the phone, as well as the pc, has a Bluetooth facility, then the application can be transferred from the pc to the handset from the Bluetooth. If all these procedures are not feasible by the customer, then he could go to the branch for assistance and install the application onto the handset.

SBI Mobile Banking registration process

In the case of an Android or an iPhone or even a windows phone, the application is generally downloaded from the application store itself.

mobile banking

The mobile banking service can be used with WAP service, in the case of a non-java mobile phone with a GPRS connection. This service would be available for all the mobile phones which have GPRS connectivity for the GSM users or some data connectivity with the CDMA users. If the service is used over USSD or WAP, the mobile bank application need not be downloaded.

Activate SBI Online Internet Banking

  1. Changing The MPIN
  2. If The Service Is Utilized By The Application:
  3. The customer needs to open the browser of the mobile phone.
  4. Enter the address – http://mobile.onlinesbi/sbiwap/
  5. A screen comes asking for login and pin
  6. The User ID and the default MPIN is entered in the respective fields, after which login is selected.
  7. The WAP Login id will be asked on the next screen after which an SMS will come.
  8. Enter the WAP Login ID on the screen. If the inbox cannot be accessed through the mobile, the user will then exit the browser and will have to open the inbox to access SMS having the WAP Login ID. Then the user will open the browser again and follow the process above to enter the login id and the default MPIN. The next screen will go for the WAP login id. The number received over SMS is entered after which the customer selects send.
  9. If all the details are entered correctly, the next screen with the main menu emerges on the mobile of the mobile banking services that would be displayed.
  10. The default MPIN is changed by selecting settings from the main menu and then selecting the options to change MPIN. In the first space, you need to enter the default or the old PIN. The new selected PIN has to be entered in the second space. After you have checked well, confirm the new PIN by entering it once again in the third space and then submit.

SBI mobile banking registration form

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The successful change in MPIN confirmation will be obtained via an SMS. It may also be displayed on the screen.

  1. If The Service Is Utilized Over USSD:

For this, the USSD session needs to be started. To learn more about the change one can refer to the USSD manual. A response will be received saying welcome to state bank mobile banking. Then you have to enter your user id. When the user id is entered properly, the following response will come: Kindly reply with your option number:

  1. Enquiry
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Mobile top up
  4. Change MPIN
  5. Forgot MPIN
  6. De register

Then the customer can select change MPIN and send. The following screen will appear- I accept the terms and conditions of State Bank Mobile Banking Services as on the website

Now enter the old MPIN and send. Also, enter the new MPIN of choice and send. The response obtained would be that the MPIN has been changed. After this, another SMS will be received saying validation from handset successful. Complete registration at the ATM or branch or online SBI.

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Procedure At The SBI Branch Or SBI ATM Or Online SBI:

  • At The Branch

On completing with the handset validation, the registration is completed at the home branch of the account holder. The account holder has to fill a form. The account is activated for the mobile banking services immediately.

  • At The ATM

On swiping the debit card, select the mobile option registration. After this selection, go for mobile banking. Under the heading mobile banking, the option registration is selected. Then confirm and collect the transaction slip that confirms the registration. The message regarding activation of the account is received through an SMS. Then all the services can be utilized for the mobile banking services.

  • Online SBI

After the customer logs into the online SBI, e-services are selected. Now click on state bank freedom from the list on the left-hand side. You must note that the MPIN is changed before this step. A message is received that the handset validation is complete. Only one account can be registered through an online SBI. To register the other savings bank and current accounts in the same CIF, the customer has to go to the home branch of the main account that needs to be enabled.

The Benefits Of Internet Banking

The online banking has become a normal norm of indulging in the monetary transactions in India over a decade. This mode of functioning has become very popular among the customers to check an account, to make online payments, and transfer funds between accounts. It also provides non-transactional features that are handy to the customer.

sbi mobile banking registration online

There are a number of benefits offered by the internet banking as compared to going especially to the branch to do the work like:

  • Internet banking is very convenient for the customers to get their work done. Making the transactions as well as the payments from the comfort of the house by clicking a button only is a big benefit. One can also keep track of the accounts and maintain them through the net. Even the non-transactional benefits like getting cheque books, online accounts updating, and inquiry of the interest rates of the various financial products has become simpler through the net.
  • Instead of acquiring large office space and get more staff to deal with the people, the internet banking is considered better along with its rates of service. One can obtain lower rates for home loans and various other types of loans. There is a lower penalty on the early withdrawal of the fixed deposits.
  • The customer can avail of a number of services by just logging into his account in the case of internet banking. The services include financial banking capability, budgeting, and forecasting tool, EMI calculators, investment analytical tools and equity trading platforms that can be made functional from the bank’s website.
  • The financial transactions of the customer can be handled even while working in some other city. The customer has just to go the website and function on his account.

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There are a few drawbacks to these transactions also like:

    • The relationship manager in the bank has to be kept informed about the transactions. But in the case of net banking, there could be some discrepancy in giving the details. A good personal relationship with the bank is helpful for getting a fast loan or for processing certain transactions. With a personal contact, the banker could provide additional financial advice in case of an emergency.
    • Sometimes there are complicated transactions which can be solved by a face to face conversation with the bank manager. To solve certain issues the customer has to go to the bank to solve this Thus at times, internet banking is not of much help. Certain issues like a bank signature of the customer or a proper financial advice can be obtained only by visiting the bank.

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Thus net banking so to say is very convenient but not the only mode of making the transactions functional. Net banking enables to get the transactions done immediately, but its follow up is achieved by personally visiting the bank. So always go for net banking, but keep in mind to stay in touch with the bank manager for better service results.

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