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SBI Buddy : Convenience has become the most common fact of everything surrounding people. Going out for shopping and walking shops after shops for choosing one item has become very old-fashioned. It is the modern era where everything is done through the internet and faster than any other offline methods. The convenience of this method is also attractive. You can buy your favorite clothes, pay your bills and even book your tickets for movies online. What connects these all convenience is the method of paying online for these services.

Online banking or paying online is something you will need to get used to for interacting with websites where payments are necessary. You can choose different means necessary or matching your convenience for payment methods. People holding credit and debit cards tend to use them more often. But if you pay attention, the danger of theft is quite high in those methods. This is why choosing net banking using your bank’s website is safer more than one reason.

Mobile App Of SBI Account

Smartphones are the most common scene you will see everywhere recently. People feel much more confident with smartphones and its faster ways of handling things. With modern technologies, now you can use applications for banking and payments online also. The serious push has come from the Prime Minister Modi’s deep concern for digitization. Most of the banks have already taken a step forward for launching their mobile apps to help their customer utilize the online transactions and similar facilities. SBI too is not behind. SBI Buddy is the mobile wallet you can use anywhere and anytime with a smartphone.

state bank buddy , SBI Buddy

Features Of The Application

The SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet has many useful features which are developed by State Bank of India for making the payments using a mobile app easier than before. This is originally a wallet that is prepaid and also semi-closed. The main purpose it serves is to send or receive money transfers from other wallet holders or account holders. You can actually use this mobile app like any other app without any bar for time limit or place.

This is the first Indian mobile wallet application that you can download in 13 different languages. This application is free to download and the SBI bank does not charge any fee for using this. All you need to have is an internet connection and you can pay your utility bills, book a movie ticket, send money, view your bank statement, online merchant payments, recharging your prepaid mobile balance and also DTH services etc.

How Will You Download The App?

In order for you to download this app, you must visit the Google Play Store or the other App Store depending on the mobile phones they are using. There you can find the options to download the app for both Android and Windows platform. You can download from those links very easily just like you download other apps in your mobile. You can also give a missed call from your mobile phone at 09021122222. A link to the mobile app will be sent your phone directly via SMS. From there also you can download the app. The best part of this link sent after the missed call is that it will match your mobile’s category. After you successfully download the app, all is left for you to sign up to this app.

How Will You Sign Up?

There are practically two ways to sign up in this SBI mobile app.

  • Sign Up Through Facebook Account:

When you will choose this option a hyperlink will directly send you to the authentication page of Facebook account you hold. It will ask for your Facebook account Username and Password for authentication.

If it is already remembered by the server you are using then it will show for a permit required for an access to credentials for signing up to SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet. After a successful attempt to validate you signing up through Facebook Connect service, the only thing is left for you to provide your mobile number to it.

  • Simple Way Of Signing Up:

In this way of signing up, you will need to fill your mobile number and also your email address which is mandatory. You will be required to set a pin for accessing this SBI Buddy Wallet. This pin will be sent as OTP or One Time Pin to your mobile number and email address provided in the fields through messages.

You will need to enter that OTP in the box and also select an answer to the question placed in the drop-down box. There is three times maximum limit given to you for entering the right OTP sent to you. If you didn’t receive the OTP in the first place then click on the resend OTP option to get the OTP message send once again to your mobile phone and email address. After you have successfully registered yourself in the SBI Buddy Mobile wallet, a message will be sent both to your mobile number and email address.

How Will You Add Money In SBI Buddy?

You have to remember that it is run on your balance which you have credited to it. It is basically a prepaid wallet from where you can pay for various things online. There are two ways to add money to the wallet.

state bank buddy , SBI Buddy

  1. Adding Money Using Net Banking:

In this case, you will need to add money from your bank account to your SBI wallet using net banking or personal banking. You will need to authenticate your account first by entering the INB login credentials or the login information for your internet banking. There are options for you to choose for adding money to this app and in this particular case, you will have to choose net banking from the drop-down box.

You have to choose from the bank’s name given the options and then check it for initiating this process. This will redirect you to the bank’s internet banking login page. You will now have to authenticate yourself by entering the unique User Id and Password for beginning the transaction.

  1. Adding Money Using Debit Card:

In this case from the drop-down options for adding money in the Add Money screen of the SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet, you have to choose Debit Card for payment option. Then you will be required to fill in the necessary details to initiate the adding money. In this case, the details are going to be debit card number, CVV, card expiry, the name of the card and the OTP which was generated and sent to you by the bank when they issued this card for you.

How Can You Send Money Using This App?

You can easily transfer money to a person who may have an SBI Wallet in their mobile or a bank account at least. When you are trying to initiate a transaction, you will need to press the send money option which can be found on the dashboard of the app. Then the hyperlink will directly send to another page following some fields you have to fill in:

  • The mobile number and email id of the recipient
  • Amount you will send to the person
  • Description for this payment
  • Payment method which is in this case m-wallet.

After you select and fill in those necessary fields, a passcode is sent to the sender of the money using SBI Buddy Wallet separately. The sender then has to share that passcode to the recipient. That way the recipient will be able to claim that money. To use this SBI wallet without any interruption, it is best if the recipient also downloads the app.

Types Of Recipients

Basically, there are two types of recipients when you are using SBI Buddy Wallet app.

  • Registered Recipients:

These recipients are registered users of SBI Buddy wallet just like you. You can send them money very easily since they are already known by the server. You can simply type their name in the recipient’s name option or just choose from the list of favorites from your phone.

  • Non-Registered Recipients:

You can also send money to non-registered users of SBI Buddy Wallet app. In these cases, you will need to fill in the mobile number and email id of that person or you can also enter their social network id. You can either type the name directly or find the matches from the drop-down box.

You can easily contact the customer care service of SBI Buddy wallet if you have anything to confirm or query. They are ready to help you for 24×7 hours. The numbers are toll-free and accessible through any mobile or landlines of the entire country. The numbers are 1800 11 2211 and 1800 435 3800.

How to use SBI buddy {*Video Tutorial*}

People having an idea on how to use online applications can use this app for utilizing time. Since everything is fast-paced in the current age, you will also need to race along with it. Payment online is indeed quite a unique method for utilizing time but it is also a hindrance if you will only access it through computer or laptops. Smartphones have become very reliable in every aspect and using the SBI Buddy Wallet mobile app lifts up much burden of limited access to your bank account.

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